• Types Of Online Casino Bonuses Available To Players


    Currently, there are a lot of online casinos available to players. All of them are competing against each other to get a fair share of the online player. With the competition come the various online casino bonuses that are meant to retain or attract new customers. In some casinos, these bonuses are quite lucrative for both new and veteran online casino players.

    There are different types of casino bonuses, here is a list of the major groups of casino bonuses that are available to online players.

    Groups of online casino bonuses

    Deposit casino bonuses

    fewg435h6t54These are bonuses that player receives when they make a deposit with the casino. Most of the online casinos require that players once he/she enter a code that is associated with special bonuses to be attached to his/her account. Examples of deposit bonuses include the matching casino bonuses with is created by adding a percentage bonuses to the amount deposited, and the reload bonuses which just like the matching casino bonus, they are a percentage of the deposit amount but are applied to deposits made after the player’s first deposit.

    General bonuses

    They are bonuses that player receives without making any deposit. They usually have attached conditions which the players must fulfill before he/she qualifies for the bonuses. There are three general casino bonuses, and they include

    • Sign up bonuses: it is available for new accounts. They are small in percentage but are a good for players to first test new casinos before making deposits.
    • Sticky bonus: They are like sign up bonuses, only that they take back the player’s initial bonuses once the player reaches a particular set condition.
    • Referral bonus: All online casinos offer two styles of this bonus. Whereas some of the online casinos offer a cash bonus for a new referral others, require that the referred player make a qualifying deposit before the referrer earn a cash bonus.5y4g5ri68uyj65

    Ongoing casino bonuses

    There are three types of ongoing casino bonuses. They include:

    • Cash back bonuses: this is one of the ongoing bonuses. It works to keep the player wagering after he/she has lost money by giving the player a percentage of his/her losses back as cash.
    • Random bonus: this bonus is usually unexpected that online casinos offer random bonuses to any player who is logged in and playing an online game.
    • Loyalty bonus: this bonus is meant to encourage players to play for long periods of time. It requires the player to unlock a bonus after certain requirements are met.

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